Is device as a service right for your business?

Our specialists will help you do the thinking.

Experienced and highly specialised, our strategic advisory team provides end user computing advice that brings clarity to complexity.

With practical know-how and end to end experience from strategy to managing end of life, we help our customers identify how to change their device management approach to address challenges and achieve lasting beneficial change.

Our advisory team will guide you on the best business, operational and technology roadmaps to achieve your IT fleet management and business goals and provide the tools to get you there.

We’ll listen and support your transition to where you want to be.

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Identify the real issues faster

Building a Device as a Service solution requires a unique mix of consulting, professional services and managed services expertise. This is needed to build a plan that will create value for your business. As with new services the bulk of the work is in the start of the contract as we transform and transition services into a manageable state.

Highly skilled in end user computing strategy, thingsat will identify the real issues faster and present workable solutions including commercial and pricing options.

SOE Management Under Pressure

Identify issues

Review what’s in place today, reporting on all devices, boundary and penetration testing and identify opportunities are available


Examine the needs across the business, including what level of local support is required and provide a device strategy to achieve your business goals

Shifting Away From Traditional Workspace Environments

Evaluate options

Recommend end user computing strategy, and provide business roadmaps including vendor and supplier management