thingsat is the place where businesses of all sizes get access to the best in class device as a service, advisory and professional services.

We help manage our customers fleet of devices from laptops to tablets and accessories, so they can take control, reduce costs and create a happier workforce.

What else makes us different?

We are independent

  • We act as a governance body for our customers to make sure external and internal parties deliver to SLAs.
  • We are vendor agnostic; working for our customers to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose, such as ‘right sizing’ your fleet to reduce your costs.

We are specialists

  • Our single focus is on end user computing support and this specialisation brings expertise.
  • We allow customers to free up internal resources to focus on the core business rather than device and asset management.
  • We can easily scale with your project lifecycle, such as a device refresh project, for a fixed cost or as part of our managed service.

We’ve got a solid track record

  • An industry leading depth of advisory and professional services experience in end user computing transformation allows thingsat to achieve outcomes faster at a lower cost.
  • We can mitigate issues with end user computing such as during transformation projects.
  • We help customers put the right strategy in place the first time.

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What we value


We collaborate with our customers and our internal teams to produce great outcomes.


We take ‘Control with Clarity’ for our customers seriously. We always tell the truth.


We engage with the wider community and pursue equality and opportunity for all.


We support and respect each other and ensure everyone’s voice can be heard.


We look for new ways to bring value to our customers and create easier ways to do things.

We are so much more than device and fleet managers.

We care about the people behind the devices and look for ways to get active in our community and support our colleagues and friends.

Community service

We believe volunteering to support causes we are passionate about will get us closer to our community, connect us to people and ideas that will positively impact our perspective and enrich the lives of those around us.

It’s also a great way to give back to those who have helped support our business.

Our people really enjoy the intangible benefit of giving—we get a unique sense of purpose, a feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of trying to make the world a better place.

Our people are awesome

We are real, we have fun and we are really good at what we do.

Board and Strategic Advisors

Portrait of Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin


Mark Franklin has extensive commercial and governance experience, and strong networks within local and central government.

Mark has been Managing Director of Stevenson Group since 2010, and was previously founding Chief Executive of TZ1, and Chief Executive of Vector. He is a former director of Kiwirail, WEL Networks, Ultrafast Broadband, and Auckland Chamber of Commerce, and has held directorships at Stevenson Group.

Portrait of Neil Belford

Neil Belford

Co-founder and Director

Neil Belford is a technical executive with decades of experience in technology, software, digital innovation, and complex-systems design. With an academic background in Embedded Systems Engineering, with a Masters in Cognitive Science centred on Machine Intelligence Research, Neil has overseen the design and delivery of complex integrated systems across energy and water, telco, transportation infrastructure, and healthcare.

Portrait of Ben Meek

Ben Meek

Co-founder and Strategic Advisor

Ben has over 30 years of business and technology experience gained in a wide variety of engineering, consulting, and senior management roles. With significant operational and management experience and a unique talent for identifying future strategic opportunities and risks, Ben’s primary passion is building customer-focused businesses with an engaged staff, strong balance sheets, and privileged assets.

Executive Team

Portrait of Ruy Franco

Ruy Franco

Chief Executive Officer

+61 390 875 060
Portrait of Melainie Reddy

Melainie Reddy

Chief Customer Officer

+61 390 875 049
Portrait of Nick Grabau

Nick Grabau

Head of Service Delivery

+61 390 875 051
Portrait of Jason Vandeligt

Jason Vandeligt

Chief Technology Officer

+61 390 875 045

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