Get rid of the headache of IT hardware management. Give us your laptop fleet and we will save you money, get you more productive and ensure your laptops are compliant and secure.

We’re a vendor agnostic end user computing and collaboration specialist that loves managing devices like laptops and Microsoft Intune migration for your business. We’ll free up your IT team so it can focus on your business, and we’ll deliver results because we are one of the best DaaS (Device as a Service) providers in the industry.

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The timing was critical and the delivery window was short for a much-needed laptop upgrade at MCEC. ThingsAt developed a unique approach and implemented a cost-effective rollout, showing time and time again it is a customer first organisation willing to go the extra mile.

Graeme Dunn, Director Information Technology – MCEC

63% of IT Managers say their resources are drained by device management.

Is your laptop fleet compliant and secure?

Keeping laptops up to date is an intensive ongoing process. Remaining compliant while undertaking cloud migration services also presents its challenges. We’ve built a framework to help businesses understand their level of End User Computing (EUC) lifecycle management including compliance and security and provide a pathway to better device management within DaaS architecture. Find out if your business is ready for DaaS cloud computing.

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Take control, get clarity with ThingsAt

Our unique DaaS solutions combine both specialist end-user computing advisory and professional services, which means we deliver the best DaaS solutions and a range of additional services to create a fully integrated DaaS business model for your organisation.

Device as a Service

What is Device as a Service?

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a way you can outsource the IT device management of your company’s devices

Professional Services

Move to device as a service seamlessly

Our project delivery team works with you to develop a leading DaaS architecture, which helps you easily transition to DaaS.

Managed Meeting Room

Make better use of your real estate footprint

DaaS technology ensures more efficient use of your real estate and equipment.

Mixed Reality

Collaboration Platform

We provide a program-based approach to delivering mixed reality services

MOE and Security

Ensure security and compliance as a standard

Our range of DaaS security services will help you secure and standardise your environment.


Is device as a service right for your business?

As a leading DaaS consulting business, we’ll guide you on your fleet management transformation journey.


We’re on the lookout for smart, talented people

Collaborative. Caring. Innovative. Community-minded.


We are so much more than device and fleet managers

We are real, we have fun and we are really good at what we do.

At ThingsAt, we live and breathe DaaS

As one of the best DaaS providers, we’ll help you achieve the dual outcome of happy end users and lower costs and a fully integrated cloud migration strategy.

End-to-end capability

As one of the leading DaaS companies and Intune migration providers, we excel across a wide range of DaaS services to create a fully integrated cloud migration strategy using DaaS architecture. These include sourcing DaaS solutions, advising on DaaS architecture, developing DaaS security in addition to automation and intelligence analysis.

Freedom and Flexibility

We are vendor agnostic and will provide a completely flexible DaaS solution. Your DaaS architecture can be scaled up or down as required, choose your own device or device type and we can also provide financing options.

Transparency and Accountability

We are a leading DaaS provider in Australia because we are fiercely independent and provide unbiased advice for DaaS solutions. We will deliver better service with lower costs and complexity in a user pays DaaS business model. Our DaaS solutions are backed by robust governance and transparency.

Proven Track record

Our DaaS technology solution is already in operation. As one of the best DaaS providers in Australia, we’ll bring the skills to accelerate your DaaS journey to ensure we deliver results on time, on budget and above expectations without compromising on service of expertise in all things DaaS and cloud migration.

A proliferation of laptops, tablets and smartphones, a surge in security risks, remote working and migration to the cloud, are all driving enterprises away from traditional device management. Take the hassle out of IT and outsource the management of your laptop fleet today!

What’s possible with ThingsAt?

Our customer, a global consulting business, achieved astounding results after working with us.

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Managed meeting rooms



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Create a secure, collaborative and connected work environment

Deep experience across consulting, collaboration, professional services and managed services.

That’s the expertise ThingsAt brings to you.

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Our IT costs are out of control, is there a way to control the spend and make it predictable without compromising our cloud migration strategy?

We’re never ready for our new starters, I wish we could wow them on day 1

The IT floor is a storage room for devices – how can we repair and manage this gear better with a DaaS business model?

We’re averaging 1.4 devices per employee – how can we get that number down?

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