Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select any device I like?

With thingsat DaaS you can select any device from any vendor including BYOD. However, customers should keep in mind that a number of different makes and models of device adds complexity to fleet management, MOE and refresh cycles and this can impact pricing.

Will I have a dedicated contact at ThingsAt?

Absolutely yes, you will have a dedicated account manager that you can contact for any queries.

Can DaaS help my business support remote working?

If you need to support remote working, DaaS is a great solution for your business as it takes all the complexity out of managing and servicing your fleet of devices no matter where staff are located.

How can DaaS help me understand my fleet usage and monitor issues?

thingsat DaaS allows you to manage your fleet of devices through proactive monitoring and provision of insights such as usage trends supported by detailed reporting. In real time we can identify defects of performance issues and quickly implement solutions to keep your team productive and online.

What if I want to change device models prior to my current end date?

We’re happy to support replacing devices during your DaaS agreement period, and provide three options:

  1. Payout the contract and return the devices to thingsat
  2. Payout the contract and keep the devices for your own use
  3. Purchase new devices and roll the remaining months of the current DaaS agreement into the monthly cost of the new devices
Can I add or remove a service from my services stack as we go?

You sure can! Our modular approach to our services stack enables you to add or remove services to meet your evolving needs at any time. It’s completely scalable for your business.

Do you support Apple Devices?

Yes, we do. We’re vendor and device agnostic and support Apple Devices – talk to us about your fleet and infrastructure requirements today.

How long will it take to set up DaaS in my company?

There isn’t a simple answer for this, as the timing will depend on your fleet size, infrastructure maturity and business readiness. We prefer to get things right the first time, so we also take the time upfront in the consulting and analysis phase before we design and implement your run state. If you would like to understand your company’s DaaS readiness, speak to one of our specialists today.

Is there a minimum fleet size to adopt DaaS?

Our DaaS solution is scalable and can be tailored to fleet sizes as small as 60 devices through to 10,000+ with ease.

What are the device types that the DaaS model supports?

thingsat DaaS supports many device types, including laptops, desktops and associated peripherals, mobiles, tablets, monitors, meeting room and AV/VC equipment and so much more.