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Is it time for a hardware refresh?

Timing is everything.

To manage capacity and performance issues, your hardware should be upgraded every three – five years to help ensure that you are able to run the latest software and most equipment will still be under some sort of manufacturer warranty.

However, devices don’t usually come with hard-and-fast expiration dates.

Budget constraints and competing priorities can make it difficult to justify retiring technology that still technically works. At some point in your hardware lifecycle, it will be time to refresh. But how do you know when?

Enter the Device Audit.

It’s time to rethink how you refresh your fleet; just replacing devices because they are coming up to three years of use doesn’t make sense.

A device audit will tell you the true state of your IT device fleet on a per device basis- from what units are about to fail, to where you have security issues, and what software licences are out of date.

At thingsat, we look at the devices that need to be replaced based on deep analysis of your fleet and often recommend a progressive refresh based on performance requirements and business needs.

HP TechPulse®

HP TechPulse is a cloud-based telemetry and analytics platform that aggregates critical data from devices and applications, putting deep insights at our fingertips to predict and resolve device issues before they impact employees. HP TechPulse proactively identifies issues, enables remedies at scale, and minimises threats by actively monitoring device performance, health, and security.

HP TechPulse features:

Centralise endpoint management from a cloud-based platform that aggregates billions of data points into actionable insights.

Predict and prevent issues – get visibility into device health, security, and applications, to proactively resolve issues before they impact end users.

Multi-OS, multi-vendor support from a single, easy to navigate dashboard.

Improve employee experience – easily measure, track and identify systems at risk for disk, battery, or full-system thermal failure, so you can take action.

The right technology – AI-driven insights enable us to make decisions on delivering the right devices, software and services to employees.

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Device Audit

*Terms Maximum 200 licenses. Offer valid until 30 June 2022.