We saved a customer with a fleet of 3,000 devices $1.2 million over 3 years by identifying and correcting its device ratio. Do you know what your business device ratio is? We can help.

Shift device management away from your internal IT team and manage your device fleet the easy way.

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“The thingsAt device as a service solution has enabled us to simplify our IT lifecycle of computing devices, improve employee satisfaction and provide greater transparency at reduced costs”.

CIO – Global Consulting Business

The timing was critical and the delivery window was short for a much-needed laptop upgrade at MCEC. ThingsAt developed a unique approach and implemented a cost-effective rollout, showing time and time again it is a customer first organisation willing to go the extra mile.

Graeme Dunn, Director Information Technology – MCEC

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a way to outsource the responsibility of company-wide IT device management.

A typical DaaS solution bundles the leasing of IT hardware devices such as laptops, tablets and accessories together with software and lifecycle management into a single monthly subscription.

Reduce IT hardware costs and get rid of IT bottlenecks

We’re the experts at end user computing support and transformation. Our depth of experience with DaaS technology and DaaS software means we get the strategy right the first time, so you achieve results faster at a lower cost.

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Device Management

Device management includes the implementation, operation and maintenance of a fleet of devices. It includes things like stock management, repair and replacement services and end of life asset management.

Device stock management

CMDB set up and management

Fleet Optimisation

Predictive demand management

Device flex

Device asset management

Device repair and replacement

EOL asset management

ThingsAt DaaS is the smarter way to manage your IT

We take away the distraction and hassle of managing the lifecycle of laptops and other devices and replace it with a per user cost that scales with your business. You can choose your vendor or alternatively via our DaaS consulting service, we can put the best package together for your people and your organisation.

Can your business save money with Device as a Service?

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Device as a Service will give your business the edge

ThingsAt DaaS device as a service is a complete IT device management service. Outsourcing your device management to us will help you optimise your assets, control your costs, simplify your company’s IT, mitigate the hassle that comes with managing IT in-house and free up your IT team to focus on your core business.

Reduce pressure on IT

Outsource the hassle of managing devices and put your IT time and effort into your core business.

Better employee experience

DaaS platforms can transform your onboarding process or new device roll out and match users with the device suited to their needs

Reduced security risk

Trust us with your device protection and get complete visibility and traceability

Only pay for what you need

The cost of device as a service is characterised by no upfront costs and a pricing model that scales with your business. Shift device expenditure from capital to operational

Usage insights

Our predictive analytics built into your DaaS architecture will help you streamline and optimise your devices per employee, the total device as a service cost and spending as well as resources dedicated to your organisation’s IT device management.

Vendor agnostic

We put together the best DaaS solution for your business or can work with the vendor of your choice.

True convergence

Consistent user self-provisioning supported by a complete service catalogue including peripherals delivers convergence across your fleet.

Platform for all Things

Our DaaS software allows you to gain deep insights into your fleet extending to optimising meeting room usage, remote work and IoT.

ThingsAt Daas will give you clarity and insights into your fleet like never before


Typical DaaS Provider

Infrastructure strategy, deliver and support
Agnostic vendor management
Software optimisation
Process mapping for support staff
Process automation SCCM
MOE performance
Device ratio optimisation
Device security
Device lifecycle management
Device open solutions
Warranty and repair


Managed Meeting Room

Make better use of your real estate footprint

Ensures more efficient use of your real estate and equipment.

MOE and Security

Ensure security and compliance as a standard

Our range of services will help you secure and standardise your environment.

Professional Services

Move to device as a service seamlessly

Our project delivery team helps you transition to DaaS.


Is device as a service right for your business?

We’ll guide you on your fleet management transformation journey.

Take control of your fleet with Device as a Service

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