DaaS – the Benefits of Device as a Service


According to Strategy Analytics, there are 4.3 internet-connected devices per person. In the past, there was only one desktop system per person in the office and it was easy for the company’s IT team to manage these devices. The number of internet-connected devices per person has grown tremendously and is predicted to rise even higher. Now, it has become difficult for the company’s IT team to manage and maintain the security of these devices. Therefore, companies are shifting towards DaaS-Device as a Service.

What is Device as a Service?
Device as a Service is the provision of personal computers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and other devices as a service. In this emerging method, a company outsources their hardware and software needs and management to an external service provider that provides and manages the company’s computers, laptops, desktops, mobiles, smartphones, and other devices. It frees the company from the hassle and distraction of device management. It gives more flexibility to companies in terms of scaling up or down their IT needs.

Importance of DaaS
Device as a Service is an emerging method of outsourcing a company’s IT needs and freeing the company from the distraction and hassle of device management. More specifically, the company is free from acquiring, leasing, updating, and managing computers, laptops, desktops, mobiles, smartphones, and other electronic devices. DaaS service providers allow companies to focus on their core purpose. DaaS solutions are changing the landscape of businesses’ IT management.

How many companies are adopting DaaS due to its benefits?
Although DaaS is a relatively new service, many companies are adopting it due to its multiple benefits. The top six industries that are adopting DaaS are healthcare, education, ITES, Retail, Legal, and manufacturing. Gartner says that DaaS is expected to grow by 95% in the coming years. Some of the companies using DaaS are Global Consulting Business, Hollands Kroon, Össur, Neste, and eBay.

Benefits of Device as a Service:

  1. Reduce pressure on IT: The increasing number of internet-connected devices per employee is putting an extra burden on a company’s IT team. Outsourcing electronic device lease and management will reduce the IT team’s burden.
  2. Better employee experience: This gives a better user experience as the service provider keeps devices and software updated and customized.
  3. Reduced security risk: It also reduces security risks as security experts manage it.
  4. Only pay for what you need: DaaS solution gives companies the flexibility to scale up and scale down a number of devices at any time.
  5. End-to-end lifecycle services: The devices need to keep updating their software. It also requires minor maintenance and management. DaaS solution is a complete package of all these.
  6. A platform for all things: DaaS provides you with a platform that helps you optimise remote work, meeting room usage, and IoT.
  7. Cost savings: Acquiring, leasing, buying, managing, and maintaining is costly. Outsourcing your fleet of devices can drastically reduce the cost of IT expenditure.

DaaS security and DaaS solutions are changing the landscape of businesses in a positive way. It is increasing the productivity and efficiency of businesses. So, if you are looking for a credible DaaS provider in Australia, then ThingsAt is the best option.

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