ThingsAt Ticks All the Boxes for VendorPanel with Outsourced IT Asset Management Solution

With around 75 employees in Asia Pacific and North America, market-leading procurement solution company, VendorPanel (, was looking to simplify IT asset management, improve IT asset compliance and boost productivity.

VendorPanel COO David Bubner said, “We went through a competitive process with a handful of renowned tech suppliers sourced via the VendorPanel Marketplace.”

The company decided to outsource its device management and standard operating environment (SOE) management to ThingsAt ( which has freed up its IT team to focus on core business, critical to the company’s future success.

Device as a Service ( (DaaS) simplifies IT management by outsourcing End User Computing (EUC) management. This encompasses everything a business needs from device procurement, to management, compliance, and end of life solutions.

ThingsAt CEO Ruy Franco said that device as a service is so much more than hardware leasing. “DaaS provides complete end-to-end lifecycle services for all devices including laptops, desktops and mobiles. This ensures staff members have exactly the right devices, running at peak performance, all the time.”

ThingsAt has standardised the VendorPanel laptop fleet, grouping the range of users across three personas, allowing for fit for purpose technology which improves the experience for users and optimises asset use. “It also means we can provide alternative machines and order agnostically for VendorPanel if they decide to switch vendors,” said Franco.

The ThingsAt solution includes device insights and proactive compliance management. Users are contacted when there is an issue with a device, meaning that any performance or security issues are addressed early and monitored.

Franco said, “If anything goes wrong or is about to go wrong, we are alerted immediately. We pick up the problem, let them know about it and then we deal with the issue.”

Bubner said the company has realised several benefits from working with ThingsAt including a standardised process for onboarding. “ThingsAt has helped streamline our new staff technology onboarding process as well as the existing employee laptop refresh process.

Using preconfigured devices, the process for getting up and running on a new laptop is much easier, and we can ensure that all appropriate tools and protections are in place on that laptop, ensuring our systems are secure.

The fact that a new user can boot up a fresh laptop, sign in and have all the required apps installed for them automatically has made a massive difference to the onboarding process.”

The company has also realised a number of benefits from the ongoing monitoring of the laptop fleet by ThingsAt. “Monitoring includes picking up where devices may have dropped out of compliance and reaching out to those users to get their machines back into compliance.

ThingsAt also watch out for performance issues and have been proactive in suggesting warranty tickets be raised with the manufacturer to ensure that our laptop fleet is performing at its optimum.

Having a helpdesk support line for dealing with employee laptop issues has improved the response time for users and reduced the distractions for internal technical staff who historically provided this support,” said Bubner.

Franco said ThingsAt also manages device end of life, working with key partners to collect the laptops for secure wiping and then based on the status of the machine, they are either recycled or destroyed. “We also coordinate all their device financing so that new devices are added onto the financing agreement at the point of ordering, so they don’t have to pay outright.”

Bubner said, “Financially it relieves the burden such that we don’t have to purchase devices upfront and worry about selling/disposing those devices every three years.

ThingsAt is delivering a competitively priced innovative solution that ticks all the boxes for what we need,” concluded Bubner.

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