Fire, flood, and shipping delays didn’t stop device refresh for ThingsAt and KPMG

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Celebrating women in tech

On #IWD2022 we want to take the opportunity to celebrate a significant achievement of our fabulous women in technology, in particular, ThingsAt Principal Consultant, Berenice Franklin, and KPMG Australia’s Samantha Murray, Head of Operational Performance, Service and Support and Meghan O’Sullivan, Operational Intelligence Senior Manager.

These talented women led the recently completed a device refresh program for KPMG Australia, overseeing the replacement of 10,000 laptops and overcoming the adversity of lockdowns, shipping delays, chip shortages, network disruptions, fire, and flood.

Berenice was the lead Project Manager, coordinating an integrated ThingsAt/KPMG team of 20+ people. This role included vendor management, aligning internal teams, logistics providers and couriers, devising the communications strategy and its execution, and liaising with KPMG Partners, technical and business support teams.

Berenice said that due to the issues impacting the team, the device refresh project had to change the deployment approach four times. “With so many issues the resilience of the project team was truly tested – but we prevailed!”

“The initial approach was to use an in office, by invitation model, and we completed many of the smaller offices in this way. For the larger offices, to accommodate the ongoing hardware supply issues, we pivoted to deliver a more flexible booking system and introduced a variety of support services to boost the customer experience by introducing office-managed kiosks.

We then needed to shift to home delivery during lock down and contracted four different companies to supply drivers who completed an average of 210 laptop deliveries a day each across three states. Once restrictions lifted, we moved back to the supported self-service kiosks in the office,” said Berenice.

Each change in approach required a huge amount of work to realign dependant services, processes, people and communications to ensure all impacted staff knew what was happening and why.

Berenice said, “I’m delighted to say that due to the cohesive ThingsAt and KPMG team, we successfully completed the device refresh program for KPMG. We received a 4.5/5 satisfaction rating from the organisation which exceeded the Critical Success Factor for this project. The team worked together exceptionally well, which was the absolute key to our success.”

ThingsAt CEO, Ruy Franco, said, “I was so proud to see our values coming to life in the approach Berenice took to this project, constantly going above and beyond expectations and delivering an excellent customer experience, no matter what obstacles were put in her path.

Her resilience, tenacity and unparalleled level of customer service epitomises ThingsAt and we think she is an awesome role model for women forging innovation through technology.

Berenice said, “Seeing this project through to the end gave me immense satisfaction.”

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Ruy Franco

Chief Executive Officer
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