ThingsAt Formalises Partnership Agreement with Altoura

ThingsAt to deliver mixed reality solutions using Altoura’s productivity platform and Microsoft HoloLens 2

End user compute and collaboration provider ThingsAt ( announced today it has signed a partnership agreement with Altoura ( to deliver customer solutions that include Altoura’s productivity platform for spatial work. As part of the agreement, ThingsAt will offer Altoura software and Microsoft HoloLens 2 ( devices, through the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) (

“By combining ThingsAt’s device-as-a-service and lifecycle management with Altoura’s platform, we enable companies to rapidly deploy an immersive training solution with a single monthly subscription,” said ThingsAt CEO Ruy Franco. “By integrating best-of-breed solutions, we help businesses reduce costs, improve productivity, gain a competitive first mover’s advantage, and assist in their transition to the new reality of work.”

Altoura’s no-code platform makes it easy to import and transform 3D assets into interactive and collaborative workflows such as immersive training and design visualisation. With Altoura, workers interact with digital twins of their environments and their equipment to upskill in a virtual environment, before showing up on the front lines. And they can do this collaboratively, from any location, to ensure that competencies are transferred to the next generation of employees.

“Immersive training in mixed reality continues to replace instructor-led training at a fast pace due to the tremendous ROI it delivers,” said Jamie Fleming, Altoura CEO. “We’re excited to partner with ThingsAt to provide a red-carpet approach to fast and cost-effective deployments of immersive training experiences that can scale.”

As a member, of the Microsoft MRPP, ThingsAt will offer Microsoft devices as part of a mixed reality solution for companies looking to modernise hard and soft skills training for employees, implement remote assist to provide access to scarce specialist resources and leverage Azure-based mixed reality solutions that help customers accelerate their digital transformation using mixed reality technologies.

The ThingsAt mixed reality solution includes Microsoft HoloLens 2, an internet connected device that can communicate with other HoloLens devices, making it a collaborative tool. It allows businesses to visualise the operation of their product or process right in front of them in their existing environment.

In addition to immersive training, ThingsAt, Altoura, and Microsoft HoloLens 2 can be deployed in use cases across all industry sectors for planning and visualisation. In these scenarios, engineers, designers, and clients can share data and work together in person or remotely on projects with the HoloLens, allowing complex collaboration never before possible.

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