Device Management (DaaS)

Six Key Reasons Why Outsourcing Device Management to a Specialist Device as a Service DaaS Provider Will Help Your Small Business

Small and mid-sized businesses face the challenge of managing an array of devices efficiently. From laptops to smartphones and tablets, keeping these devices secure, updated, […]

ThingsAt Ticks All the Boxes for VendorPanel with Outsourced IT Asset Management Solution

With around 75 employees in Asia Pacific and North America, market-leading procurement solution company, VendorPanel (, was looking to simplify IT asset management, improve IT […]

World Backup Day

The simple act for boosting cyber security hiding in plain sight

Sophisticated cyber threats and malicious acts pose significant risks to businesses across the globe, however a less conspicuous danger lurks within the workplace—the lax approach […]

IT device compliance, governance, and cost. The CFO perspective.

Device compliance and the structural integrity of an organisation’s IT infrastructure are pivotal issues facing the business community right now. While security is a big […]

tech talent shortage hitting business hard

Is the tech talent bubble about to burst?

The impact of a threatening recession on the future of work. With unemployment at a record low, the great resignation, hybrid workers, closed international borders, […]

The impact of a great onboarding experience for your company and your employees

Onboarding – a definition Onboarding refers to the processes in which new hires are introduced into an organisation. It includes activities that allow new employees […]

Vendor Management

Is it time to outsource your IT vendor management?

The increased demands of IT service management such as being asked to oversee a host of new IT services, wrangle small and new suppliers, and […]

device refresh

Fire, flood, and shipping delays didn’t stop device refresh for ThingsAt and KPMG

Celebrating women in tech On #IWD2022 we want to take the opportunity to celebrate a significant achievement of our fabulous women in technology, in particular, […]

device audit

The era of predictable unpredictability – enter the device audit

Last year I wrote about global shipping and delivery bottlenecks causing havoc on global supply chains. But will 2022 be the most difficult stretch yet? […]


DaaS – the Benefits of Device as a Service

According to Strategy Analytics, there are 4.3 internet-connected devices per person. In the past, there was only one desktop system per person in the office […]